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Jonathan’s initial career move was in the nursing industry, where he completed 4 years of college and was on a steady path to earning his nursing degree. His love for helping people in need is what drew him into it but after a year in nursing school he decided to take a different route into Sales and Management. After 3 years of an extremely successful career where he grew independent sales teams all over the state he was once again drawn to a larger passion, Real Estate. Now at Cash Out On My Home he focuses on leading the forefront of our sales team as well as managing our internal systems and services.

Mallie has been a licensed Realtor for 7 years. During her professional career as an agent she often times worked with distressed homeowners and managed personal projects for her clients. She worked on several top earning teams in the state that trained her in various aspects of the business. She not only worked with residential clients but also investors, hedge fund groups and property management companies. Her passion for helping people in difficult situations continues to be integrated in her role with Cash Out On My Home where she works on creating the best solutions for clients.

Core Values


Cash Out On My Home LLC is a family based Home Buying company focused in Tennessee and Georgia. Our company model is based on purchasing homes for cash and through creative financing all while providing a fair and unique offer to homeowners who need to sell their property quickly or for cash. We are 2 partners who are actively spending their time and efforts implementing their roots into the Chattanooga and Knoxville market in Tennessee and other growing states around the border such as North Georgia. We focus on quick and easy solutions, going the extra mile with our concierge service to sellers, and collaborating and refining our relationships with other investors. No property or situation is to big or small for our company to handle.

We love to help property owners in all kinds of situations. From divorce, foreclosure, death of a family member, a burdensome rental property, financial stress and the list goes on. Regardless of your specific situation our company strives to create a unique and custom offer aimed for complete resolve. We offer effective solutions for homeowners who do not want to go through the grueling process of listing their home on the market or in the case that the home cannot be purchased with a buyer’s home loan. We purchase properties for cash, cover closing costs and commissions and can close escrow on a date that is convenient for you. We are the preferred home selling method for many homeowners! We hold a high standard of integrity and honesty and offer a hands on approach to the entire process of selling your home off the market.

We’re only a call or email away at all times. Our doors are open to every potential seller and we remain an open book. Any value that we can provide we will do so, even if it means we don’t work together but we can supply a resource for you, that can help. We look forward to speaking with you and potentially being the group to solve your problems.

It’s Never Crowded Along The Extra Mile

Let’s Lay it All Out on The Table.

Let’s face it, the stakes are high when you need to sell. During a time like this, there can be more on the line and you’re looking for a real solution. With countless letters in the mail and TV commercials it’s hard to tell if there is a company that will really buy your home on your terms and for a fair price. Well at Cash Out On My Home you can feel comfortable knowing you’re working with trusted experts who have been purchasing homes of all conditions since 2017. Not only have we seen every kind of home but we’ve most likely worked with someone in a similar situation as you before. Whether your house falls in Tennessee or Georgia (—–> see our locations page) we are equipped and ready to handle your call!

Work on Your Timeframe

Need to close quick? 7 days is the fastest we can close. Need a longer amount of time? Name it, we’ll accommodate you.

Creative Solution Just for You

Once we know what your end goal is we’ll work together to craft a custom solution for you. Cash isn’t the only way we buy.

Close With Peace of Mind

The number one thing we hear is how easy our process is. We’re experts and you shouldn’t have handle this on your own.

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